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The most beautiful and culturally significant part of your wedding day is the ceremony. Without it, the wedding would hold no meaning. That’s why we are there to capture it all in great detail, as you say your vows to each other and promise to be loyal forever. No matter which religion you hail from, which traditions you hold dear, here at IsaacImage, it is our goal to ensure these moments are caught in time for years to come.

As part of our wedding photography, you know you’re getting access to the best photographers with the most experience shooting ceremonial wedding pictures. We pride ourselves in our diverse history of photographing all types of weddings, such as:

  • Non-religious
  • Jewish
  • Catholic
  • Hindu
  • Sikh
  • Muslim
  • Traditional Russian and Ukrainian weddings

No matter where you hail from or which religion you practice, we approach your ceremony with respect and privacy. We are always in the background and never miss an important shot, but you won’t see us getting in the way of the gravity of the ceremony. We know how important this part of your wedding day is and work hard to preserve each moment for you. These moments go by so quickly, it’s imperative to capture them forever so you can show your children and grandchildren someday.

Because we have so much experience with various religious ceremonies, we are sensitive to those aspects of the day that are meaningful and thus should be documented in beautiful ways – through both staged and candid shots.

We are happy to take direction from you on what’s customary for your type of ceremony. If there’s a ritual you want particular attention paid to, we are happy to accommodate. Our experienced photographers know how to work with each couple so that all your wishes are honored. If we can assist in any way, please let us know.

When enlisting our help with wedding photography, you can rest easy knowing we can properly document your ceremony with ease, all while staying out of the way. The end result is a beautiful memento of your special day. Call IsaacImage now to learn more about our wedding ceremony photography services in Toronto.
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