Wedding Photography in Details

Your wedding day is the most magical time of your life. Photos and portraits will capture the overall essence of this special day, from you and your new spouse to extended family and guests. But what about all the little things that you may forget about later: the details on your gown, your rings, shoes, flowers, accents and decorations?

Here at IsaacImage based in Toronto and the GTA, we know how important it is to document all those one-of-a-kind touches that are worthy of adorning your walls alongside the formal portraits of you and your family and friends. These little touches will hold a special place in your heart for many years to come. You’ll want to include these accents in your wedding album so you remember just what added to the unforgettable moments on that day. As your trusted Toronto wedding photographer, we work hard to capture those wedding details to inspire you later.

Rings and Outfit

While the rings are the most important aspect of your wedding, symbolizing your union, very rarely are they captured in photographs on their own. We aim to change all that, posing your rings strategically on your wedding invitations (which is also an accent that often gets overlooked in formal photographs!) and in other creative poses. We don’t miss a thing: incorporating even the shoes you wear as part of your bridal gown outfit. We also zero in on decorative accents on your dress that may escape notice on the overall images. You’ll never forget the elaborate beading or luxurious lace that makes your gown beautiful.


What about the accents on your cake, the groom’s belt buckle, the bride’s garter belt, the guest book, centerpieces, favors, champagne, purses, décor, jewelry and all those other little things that can get lost in the activity of the day? These all deserve a special place in your wedding album. Our professional Toronto wedding photographers take shots from interesting angles, thinking outside the box for truly unique images of your special day. Count on IsaacImage to forever capture the essence of your wedding day through small details that will last the test of time.

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